General Information

We try not to keep any inventory. In fact, almost everything is custom made to order. So give us 3 – 5 business days to fulfill your order and ship it off. How fast you’ll get it once it’s shipped depends on where you are, and which shipping method you specified. You’ll be able to select this during checkout, along with shipping estimates.

Multiple Shipments

Depending on the combination of products you’re ordering, it may require us to ship them separately. A few shirts will fit together, but if you’re also getting a poster, those ship in separate, durable tubes. I mean, we could probably fold them and shove them into the same shirt shipping bag, but you’d get them all folded and wrinkled, and probably wouldn’t want to hang that on your wall anymore.


We use multiple carriers to ensure you get your goods. Usually it’s USPS, but you can also spring for FedEx if you’re in a hurry.

P.O. Boxes

We are unable to deliver to P.O. Boxes. Because most of the time, it just doesn’t fit. And then it’ll get returned to us. And then you’ll wonder where your stuff’s at. And then we have to send it out again, and you’ll probably be upset that you have to wait extra long, and pay for shipping twice. So let’s avoid all that. Ship it to your home. Or you could probably ship it to your workplace, too. Ask your front desk lady!

International Shipping

Why yes, we do ship internationally. If it’s got an address, we can get it there. Well, except for P.O. Boxes. Pricing will vary, just put stuff in your cart and select your shipping destination to find out.

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